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Professionally installed garden irrigation solutions

The secret to many great looking gardens is the irrigation system.

We are specialists in the design, supply and installation of high quality garden watering systems that benefit you and your home.

A lush lawn and a beautiful garden will make your home stand out, but keeping all those plants and grass thriving can become quite a task. An irrigation system provides an effective solution to keeping your grounds watered, your plants satisfied, and you property looking amazing.

Our irrigation services are designed to irrigate specific areas of your garden, which reduces the amount of water wasted on areas that don't need it. Garden sprinkler systems can be set on a timer so that they only come on at night, which is the most economical time to water your garden. Alternatively, we can install a rain harvesting system with a rain sensor so that it shuts off when it collects enough water.

Some of the irrigation solutions we offer:

  • Drip Irrigation Systems
  • Micro Garden Sprinkler Systems
  • Rainwater Harvesting System
  • Pop-Up Systems
  • French drain Soakaway System

We are delighted to offer an Installation Service for automated irrigation systems. Whether you want just a few baskets watered or your whole garden, we can tailor a system to your precise requirements. Water can be delivered exactly to where it is needed saving you time and money, giving you longer to enjoy your garden with less work.

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